Fay Johnstone is a ‘plant whisperer’ and shamanic herbalist. Fay combines 20 years of reiki practice with herbal and shamanic training to connect us with nature for personal transformation. Following an awakening to the spirit of plants while running a flower farm in Nova Scotia, Fay wrote her first book, Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing, and now offers training on reiki, plant spirit connection and shamanism online and from her home in Scotland. Fay is also the founder of Plant Spirit Reiki, a therapy which connects Reiki healing to the power of plants, as detailed in her second book, Plant Spirit Reiki. It’s Fay’s mission to help people find their unique way to connect with the natural world and come into alignment with their true nature.  Find her at https://fayjohnstone.com/

In our conversation, Fay describes how:

  • In her former career she felt stressed and disconnected: “I was going through life wobbly, not very grounded or rooted in a sense of who I am and my belonging. I found my sense of belonging through this connection with nature.”
  • Moving out of the head space and into “the heart space which feels its way” was her major turning point.
  • Knowing she is part of the sacred natural web reminds her we are not alone. This is “a more collaborative way of life. It’s not just about me and what I thought success meant.”
  • Globally we are trying to work out the question of life pace and inner inspiration vs. conventional decisions. Fay recommends: “invite nature into your heart and it will do its own growing…we all find our own unique way that nature flows through us.” She suggests starting with local food, intuitive nature walks (she describes how), and sharing breath with plants.
  • She developed Plant Spirit Reiki as a collaboration with plants. She talks about the power of bringing plants into our learning, healing or living spaces for “a healing exchange with the natural world”
  • A practice for connecting with plants even during cold weather when you may be indoors: plant prayers. And how she now experiences winter with welcome, as a time for relaxation and quiet.

“I feel super privileged to be living at this time, and I have such a strong faith in humanity…we’ve created a mess, and we’re going to fix it, and it’s going to be amazing.”