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Welcome to a path of renewal for all life, including yours. It’s not about self-sacrifice or limitation. It doesn’t involve exhausting activism or resistance. It’s a way of living your most joyous, embodied, and soulful life so you thrive while your contributions help transform the world.

When you learn to collaborate with the natural world, you flourish, and so does Earth.

We’re made to live in a mutually regenerative relationship with the natural world.

Our actions serving well-being for humanity and Earth need to come from our connection with life this planet—with the glory of rain-wet leaves rustling in a breeze, sunlight falling on grass or a loved one’s face, the flavor of a ripe berry, the texture of linen or stone, or the tantalizing softness of an animal’s head, a flower petal, or a baby’s cheek. Reverence can be the origin point of how we care for Earth and ourselves.

You can partner with nature.

To create true thriving for yourself and Earth, you learn tools for collaborating with nature. You heed your heart’s insights. Then you create healing solutions for yourself and the people, plants, and animals who inhabit Earth alongside you.


Your inspiration creates renewal.


When you collaborate with the natural world, you gain:


  • The peace of knowing that your sense of calling is real, vital, and actionable. Whether you focus primarily on people or on the natural world, and whether you contribute at home or on a wider scale, your desired contribution matters.
  • Tools for finding and tending your calling by listening to your body and heart.
  • Skills for connecting deeply to Earth so you feel grounded and whole.
  • Approaches to interacting respectfully with nature’s beings so your contributions to planetary renewal are collaborative, not domineering.
  • Awareness of how to contribute to transformation while feeling sustained, not exhausted.


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