The most exciting thing occurring in our world right now is that we are learning how to change from being harmful to harmless beings. We are choosing to repair the world’s ills by creating new structures of reality. We are a creative species here to make life on planet Earth more joyful, inclusive, just and flourishing for all people and all species. You get to participate, and that is literally the privilege of many lifetimes. What is the concept of ‘New Earth,’ and how do you want to contribute?


In this episode, I discuss how:


  • We now understand how our lifestyles are damaging Earth’s systems and our own health. We have ample evidence that what we do to the air, soil, water, animals, and plants, we do to our own bodies and minds. We also have many tools for repairing this damage.
  • We now understand that all humans and all species deserve equality, justice, peace, and the means to survive and thrive.
  • People all over the planet–millions of us, and probably billions–are endeavoring to create healing and regeneration in all areas.
  • We have ample evidence that we’re moving in this regenerative direction that we can call “New Earth.” 
  • Three things to do if you want to be a New Earth Co-Creator.
  • An upcoming free webinar, Collaboration with Earth: How to Nurture Regeneration for the Planet and Yourself. The webinar will offer guidance on how to transform your desire to help heal people & planet into regenerative contributions that nourish both you and the natural world.