Have you had the experience of expressing compassion and being told you’re being unrealistic or irrational? Have you expressed care for a plant or animal and been called a ‘tree hugger’ or ‘bleeding heart’? Our culture over-values intellectual judgement and under-values the compassion of our hearts, but we can shift this together. Letting our compassion be valid is crucial for healing ourselves and our planet.


In this episode, I discuss how:


  • You may need to practice re-opening your compassion if it’s often been shut down by you or others.
  • The global movement honoring compassion and reverence for life is strengthening.
  • Compassionate choices honor life, interdependence, and the right of each being to thrive in a sovereign way without being harmed by others.
  • You can practice 3 Steps for discovering the validity of your compassion: Discerning what ignites your compassion; Acting with Compassionate Conviction; and Cultivating Reverent Relationship with yourself and other beings so you remain in compassion.
  • We can change the global conversation around what counts as ‘realistic,’ ‘intelligent’ responses to the world. Your compassion is valid.