Is it possible that your thoughts about regenerating our planet and human well-being matter more than your actions?

Tune in to this episode to hear how:


  • Neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality are all showing that we create what we focus on. And discouragement and despair do not foster creative solutions. Guided by the science of neuroplasticity, we can choose where we focus and how our focus leads us to feel and act.


  • If we want to repair and regenerate the natural world, we need to begin with how we are thinking and what we are focusing on. I call this Wise Focus.


  • We’re learning to counter-act our tendency to see the negative by choosing Wise Focus instead: seeing the parts of reality that inspire hope and creative action more than we see the parts that promote discouragement.


  • Spiritual teachers and mindset mentors across time have taught what modern neuroscience is now confirming: where we place our focus is crucially important, especially if we desire to create something impactful, beautiful, healing, or regenerative.


  • What this means for your life: I offer examples of how to practice Wise Focus when looking at the environmental and human problems we’re facing. It’s a matter of choosing to see and co-create solutions rather than mourn devastation. Out story on the planet right now is either one of decline or rebirth, depending on what you choose to focus on.


  • 4 steps you can take to explore Wise Focus and the ways it leads to Regenerative Vision and Regenerative Outcomes.


  • An announcement of an upcoming course: Collaboration with Earth: Support & Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service