Do you talk with animals? I mean, really talk with them, not just to them? Or do you want to learn how?

This week’s Humans and Earth podcast guest, Kate Solisti, is a professional animal communicator with decades of experience with domestic and wild animals around the world.

Her cat taught her to communicate with animals when Kate was a preschooler, yet his death and her family’s denial of her ability caused her to shut it down for two decades. In our conversation, Kate talks about:

  • Her relationship with her cat, Dusty, and her experience of her family telling her that her abilities were not real.
  • How she re-integrated her intuitive abilities in young adulthood. As she began to make her intuition feel safe again, she started to hear plants’ and animals’ messages. “It felt like I was becoming whole again.”


Kate explains that we can all learn to communicate with animals: “it’s not magic, it’s just practice…. The ability to connect with other species is a birthright….[it is] about learning to trust yourself.”

If you are interested in animals in any way, even the birds and squirrels in your yard, you will be intrigued by Kate’s guidance.


I have been able to explore the depth of the animal-human relationship through my years with my beagle, Tristan, and my French Water Dog, Stella. Currently I’m learning how empathic humans and animals function in the same way. Both Stella and I can absorb others’ emotions in ways that can be a service to people around us but can cause harm to us. In partnership with this beloved friend, I am learning about the balance of being sensitive and empathic without serving others to my own detriment. It’s moving to me how Stella, Tristan, and I have been exploring this together.

Enjoy this conversation with Kate Solisti for help in deepening your own awareness of the animal-human relationship and what it might mean in your life.


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For Humans and Earth,

Chara Armon