Do you feel internally safe and calm enough to create the transformation you desire to contribute to the world?

A crucial but hidden aspect of whether we can create healing change for ourselves and Earth is whether we have the internal safety and stability to do so.

Thus, current conversations about trauma and nervous system regulation are vitally relevant to our ability to renew the natural world.

If you see yourself as a change-maker, if you have experienced trauma, if you wonder why conflict resolution in our world seems stuck, or if you feel stuck in your own process of desired self-development, please listen to my current interview on the podcast with Dr. Cathleen King.

This interview is very important to me personally because Dr. Cat has been a pivotal mentor in my process of recovery from trauma and chronic illness. Her own recovery story and her message are potently relevant for anyone who seeks to be a healing presence to themselves and our world. 

Dr. Cathleen King is an expert on trauma recovery, inner healing, and how consciousness shifts create personal and collective transformation. She has the rare combination of in-depth doctoral-level education and training, over 20 years coaching others in the health field, and having gone through her own heroine’s journey of spending two decades of her life navigating debilitating illness. She speaks to transformation based on deep personal experience. In her youth she lived with poverty, family addiction and illiteracy, homelessness, and violence. In young adulthood serious illnesses kept her bed-bound for years. Learn more about her on the podcast page.

In our conversation, Dr. Cat and I discuss how nervous system safety is starting to receive much more attention in the health and spirituality arenas, but is a grievously missing piece in our environmental and social justice endeavors. If we seek to create healing for people and planet, we as individuals need to learn to regulate our nervous systems so we can achieve true conflict resolution. It is from the serene space of nervous system safety that we design creative solutions that bring regeneration to people and planet.

Dr. Cat explains that if you experience difficulty stepping into your calling, desired work, or goals, you likely have a dysregulated nervous system. She shares ways to orient your nervous system toward stability and optimal functioning.

When you are practicing nervous system recovery and regulation, you can surpass the us vs. them dichotomies that often break human society apart, and you can raise yourself above victim consciousness. Then you are in the powerful space of creative transformation, whether you aim to transform yourself and your life, your local community, or human life on Earth.

For humans and Earth,


Chara Armon, Ph.D.