Joy Baker specializes in helping her clients release trapped emotions that can result from trauma. Because most of us are not taught strong skills for processing trauma, its effects become stored in our bodies and can influence our actions, experiences, emotions, and physical health. Joy has herself been on a lengthy journey of choosing the courage to resolve trauma. She has developed a level of understanding and acceptance that allows her clients to feel supported and empowered to break through their self-imposed limitations and recognize their value. Find Joy’s work at

Listen to Joy describe her journey of becoming a healer with close connections to the natural world. She experienced a painful childhood involving abuse, epilepsy, a speech impediment, and bullying. Going down the ‘rabbit hole of pain’ allowed her to clear past trauma and free herself, and become lovingly aware of other people and the planet.

Hear Joy discuss:

Why healing personal and collective trauma is a requirement for us to be able to heal Earth and live on Earth in harmless ways. “As I healed, I also healed my relationship with the Earth…. Earth is the reason we are here.”

How love of self relates to love of Earth, but if self-love is painful or confusing for you, you can work with appreciation as a foundation. For those with backgrounds of abuse or trauma, the connection between love of self and love of nature can feel confusing. Joy offers an exercise for self-appreciation that can be part of this process. It also alleviates tension, reduces heart rate, and facilitates sleep.

A guided process for connecting to your own well-being and to the larger well-being of the life community on Earth, supporting both. The process addresses the anger and grief we can feel when we see nature being mistreated, and the resulting overwhelm, then helps us acknowledge these emotions so we can access our healthy power, committing to creative solutions in which we all support one another.

Reconceptualizing ‘power’ by claiming the power of your compassion. “We can hold the Earth, ourselves, humanity in a space of healing…Whether it’s Earth, animals, plants, or an individual person, hold them in a higher frequency. That’s when healing takes place.” “The more people who start caring about themselves, having compassion for themselves, that extends to the Earth, the animals, the plant life, that starts the healing process.”

“What we focus on, we give energy to. So if you’re focusing on what’s wrong, you’re actually giving energy to the very thing you’re against. Instead, give energy to what you want to see. That’s how we can all create a healthier Earth.”