Jeilene Tracey is a Vibrational Geneticist who channels Earth beings, sound, and energy to balance the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.  She developed the modality Vibrational Genetics with guidance from the inner-Earth Mantis Collective and drawing on her training in molecular biology, Reiki, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing, and Shamanism.  Combining the guidance of her Mantis guide, Maree, with aspects of each of these methods, Jeilene offers a healing experience focused on the human experience of being embodied on planet Earth. Learn more at

In this conversation, Jeilene discusses:

  • How Jeilene moved from a conventional background in the sciences to working with Earth beings as a healer.
  • Why connecting with Earth is part of being embodied in physical form, and how to connect daily for peace, present-moment focus, and health. “If we are to carry out our purpose here, then we must do it in continual collaboration with Earth.”
  • How the Mantis beings, stewards of Earth, can teach us about supporting well-being for all life on Earth and collaborating with Earth, and how we can work with the Mantis if we wish.
  • How to manage your own microbiome for overall health.
  • How activism and the pursuit of justice fit with our human journey on Earth.


“Although it may seem like connecting into the Earth will not solve global problems, I think it’s a necessary place for us to start.” Jeilene Tracey