What if your most joyous life is also the life that offers most benefit to humanity and Earth?


My guest this week on the Humans & Earth Podcast, Dr. Ray Anthony James, has experienced this. He transformed his own life from stress and misalignment to building a holistic business that offers life-enhancing Moringa products. Through the scientifically established nutritional and healing benefits of Moringa, and his regenerative Moringa farm in Jamaica, Ray creates well-being for himself, his family, his customers, and the people, plants, and ecosystem on the Moringa farm.


My sense is that more and more of us are feeling called to craft life shifts that nourish our well-being and the well-being of people, plants, animals, and our planet. Ray shares how this process occurred for him, and you’ll find his story fascinating whether you’re seeking similar shifts for yourself, or whether you’re interested in regenerative farming or the amazing Moringa Tree. The Moringa is a beautiful example of how one being can bring tremendous healing to people and planet.

I encourage you to ponder how your own life is feeling to you. If we feel out of alignment with our inner truth and Earth, we can shift. We are more creative and powerful than we sometimes realize. We can encourage one another to live ever more fully in alignment with what we believe is true, good, and regenerative. This is the path to creating regeneration for ourselves and all life on Earth.