Architects of a New Humanity: Rhetta Morgan

Architects of a New Humanity: Rhetta Morgan

Reverend Rhetta Morgan is an interfaith minister, facilitator, artist and healer.  Her work encompasses the intersections of spirituality, creativity and activism, all rooted in an intention to work and live in a more just world. She currently facilitates Anti-Bias work for the Anti-Defamation League, leads The Ecclesia Fortify Circle, a group that supports activists to develop spiritual practices, and recently returned from South Africa working as facilitator and healer with Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity. Find her at


If you want to be in service to love on this planet at this time, what can that look like?


How do you do the inner work needed so you can face domination in a potent way? How do you connect to something transcendent when the world feels unjust and painful? This are questions being asked by citizens and activists in many fields. Reverend Rhetta Morgan addresses how, if you’re working to support communities that are in trouble, you can handle fatigue and find sustenance.


In this tough time in our culture, it’s easy to lose touch with our vision for what we desire instead. Touching on awe can be regenerative for those who are feeling exhausted. “There is a way in which we can infuse the most difficult circumstances with a sense of power, awe, and sacredness.”


We can face exactly where we are and how we feel, yet also take an empowered, compassionate, visionary stance. This involves working with all of our identities, from victim to awe-maker, change-maker, and community nurturer.


Wholeness and oneness are the lenses she finds most powerful: “It’s not about winning. The ‘right side’ is the ‘whole side,’ as healthy as we can get it.”


How to believe in the legitimacy of your sense of mission or calling. “You’ve got to have a declaration: I am here to support this time! I am here to do what I can in this time.” Our ancestors and the planet require it. We must ask, “Who do I need to become so that I can answer that heart call?”


“I like to imagine the electromagnetic field of Earth claiming me so that as I move, I move in service to her.”


“I like to live as if it is possible for justice to be the way of the world…I am in the ‘yes’ of what is possible…We are called to stand before the ways culture works now and offer a different way.”