Regeneration is Possible

Regeneration is Possible

How can you be a builder of regenerative solutions for people and planet?


Regenerative rancher Doniga Markegard is showing the way. A mother, naturalist, tracker, and permaculturist, and author of her eloquent memoirs Dawn Again and Wolf Girl, Doniga dedicates her life to restoring grasslands in California’s Bay Area while sequestering carbon and providing nutrient-dense food for people, and habitat to countless native species.


In this week’s episode of Humans and Earth, Doniga and I talk about building healing solutions. She explains how relationship with nature, and respectful mimicry of nature, are at the heart of her family’s regenerative ranching practices.


Although we have become accustomed to agriculture causing damage to our planet and our health, a different way is available. Agriculture, in fact, can reverse climate change and help to heal our soil, air, water, human health, and native species.


As you listen to Doniga’s insights, can you consider how your own field of work or contribution may cause damage for people and planet, but instead could create regeneration?


Doniga models how to make the transition from despair and helplessness to identifying the area where you feel passionate about contributing. Her focus on the healing potential of regenerative agriculture allows her to steward thousands of acres of land and contribute to the regenerative endeavors of global corporations and nonprofits.


Agriculture is one of our biggest global sources of carbon emissions and damage to soil, air, water, and health. If agriculture can become regenerative, what else is possible?


I believe regenerative practices are possible in every area of our life and work, and they gathering momentum. Where do you feel called to contribute?