We’re Called to Transform

We’re Called to Transform

Do you ever think about how all cultures have important myths and stories about transformation? Tune in to hear:


  • Why transformation is core to who we are as humans
  • Signs of transformation already occurring in our world
  • Why transformation is something we have to choose
  • Why individual transformation leads the way for collective transformation
  • How to craft your own transformative story about what humans and nature accomplish together in the 21st century

Hear the story of Sedna and why it’s important for you to design your own transformative story that will help guide us forward as humans on Earth.

The natural world is waiting for us to choose transformation.

How to Stand Tall Instead of Wilting in These Times

How to Stand Tall Instead of Wilting in These Times

Whether you believe our world is healing or floundering toward disaster depends on which evidence you notice.


In this episode, hear me discuss the views of the climate experts I recently heard advocating for perspectives of hopelessness.


I then help you consider whether you want to wilt or stand tall in the face of all that’s occurring in our world. Tune in to hear the two options, then explore suggestions of how you can make the choice you feel is wisest and most helpful.


You’ll then hear why I think it’s crucial right now to distinguish between 20th c. sustainability viewpoints that are now outmoded and  21st. c. regenerative viewpoints that are deeper, more inclusive, and have the potential to transform life on this planet into tremendous flourishing.

Regenerative Collaboration in Science and Spirituality

Regenerative Collaboration in Science and Spirituality

We’re experiencing a revolution in our understandings about how life on planet Earth really works. Hear why collaboration is actually how things are meant to function on Earth, and why that’s good news for anyone who cares about healing our planet and human well-being. I talk about what this means for your sense of hope, your own thriving, and your experience of connection to the people, plants, and animals with whom you co-exist on this lovely planet we call Earth.


In this episode I cover:


  • New scientific findings that are identifying collaboration as perhaps the most vital aspect of how life on Earth thrives.
  • Evidence of how human cultures have been leaning more into collaboration for the past three centuries.
  • What this means for your well-being and for our joint work of restoring our planet and human well-being.


Despite the messiness occurring on planet Earth, there’s evidence everywhere that we’re outgrowing mistaken stories of domination and hierarchy. This is a thrilling time to be alive as science and spirituality converge in conversations about how we can renew life on Earth by witnessing and encouraging the collaborations that are fundamental to how Earth’s systems function.


Collaboration is a key to turning life on Earth from foundering to flourishing.


It’s up to us which story we choose, and which story we live inside.