How Can You Collaborate to Create New Earth?

How Can You Collaborate to Create New Earth?

To contribute wisely to the ‘New Earth’ era many people believe we’re entering, you need Wise Focus and Reverent Relationship. The term ‘New Earth’ describes a state of healing and regeneration for people and planet. Many believe the signs of New Earth’s development are all around us, for regenerative endeavors are occurring worldwide, and hearts are opening to the need to care for our home and all her inhabitants.

Mentoring sessions offered by The School for Humans and Earth support you in defining your own New Earth Collaborative Contribution. We’ve entered a time when leadership and contribution must involve collaboration not only among you and other humans, but between you and plants, you and animals, you and ecosystems, and you and Earth herself. I’m an expert in helping you develop these forms of collaboration.

To contribute to flourishing for yourself, humanity, and all life on Earth, you need Wise Focus, Reverent Relationship, Regenerative Vision, Soulful Sovereignty and Support, Sacred Collaboration, Regenerative Outcomes, and Celebration. If New Earth Collaborative Contribution feels like a path you want to walk, fsingle mentoring sessions or session packages at You and I will assess which of the seven stages you need to cultivate now, or I’ll walk with you through all seven.

Your New Earth Collaborative Contribution needs to be a purely authentic expression of your soul identity and your human talents. That’s why I was so happy to speak with Leonie Dawson in this week’s episode of Humans and Earth. Leonie is a master of authentic expression and soulful creativity. In our interview, she talks about growing up on an Australian cattle ranch, why authenticity is required for creativity and contribution, how quarantine taught her to live closer to Earth, and how her philanthropy is supporting wild lands restoration in Australia. Tune in here.

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For humans and Earth,

Chara Armon

Earth Needs Your Authenticity: Leonie Dawson

Earth Needs Your Authenticity: Leonie Dawson

**Due to an audio track flaw, the full episode is available on video only

Leonie Dawson is an internationally best-selling author of the Goal Getter workbooks & planners which have been used by over 400,000 people worldwide. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Leonie has generated over $10 million in revenue while only working 10 hours a week. Leonie has been recognized for her business acumen by winning Ausmumpreneur’s People’s Choice Business Coach, Global Brand & Businesses Making A Difference Awards. She is also a philanthropist, blogger, and podcast host, describes herself as a ‘highly-sensitive oddball,’ and is proudly neuro-diverse. Leonie has spent the last 10 years living in some of the most beautiful places around Australia. She currently lives with her two daughters and husband on the Sunshine Coast. Find her at


In our interview, Leonie reflects on how:

  • Growing up on a cattle farm created for her a rich relationship with nature and animals. “There’s something quite ecstatic about the natural world.”
  • People who are true to themselves and their inner wisdom are much less likely to harm Earth. Leonie points out that “Being yourself is about the most fun you can have!” and describes how her authenticity promotes creativity. “My brain is a festival ground, a happy place; it just thinks about what I want to create next.”
  • Zebras don’t wish their stripes were differently shaped in order to feel more worthy and lovable. Animals model self-acceptance and authentic being. It doesn’t make sense for other animals to be happy within themselves but not humans. We can choose self-loving acceptance and be true to ourselves.
  • Her philanthropy supports the Australian Wildlife Conservancy due to their focus on purchase and protection of wild lands, and Australia’s Wilderness Society, which takes legal action to protect wild land.
  • Her home-based life of quarantine “like our ancestors experienced,” with quiet, children playing at home, gardening, the magic of composting, and thoughtful management of local food brought her gladness, bliss, and presence. “It was a sweet and a kind time, living more in partnership with the seasons and your local community and the Earth around you.”
  • Sustainability is “not about restricting ourselves to less, but it’s about embracing more depth, more value, more connection to the land around us.”
  • Ultimately, “your relationship with yourself is the one that will sustain you.” When we feel lacking we turn outward and do things like buying. But having a relationship with yourself and your creativity is the real blessing.