Why Connecting to Nature Spirits is Important Now

Why Connecting to Nature Spirits is Important Now


Does it vulnerable, edgy, or strange to you to talk about nature spirits, or is it a welcome conversation?

Most of us don’t live in communities where there’s much–or any!–conversation about beings such as nature spirits. But to restore this planet’s health, along with human health, we need to return to collaboration with the beings who understand Earth better than we do.

It’s also joyful and revealing to communicate with the beings of nature–they are light, beautiful, and wise.

In the new episode of the Humans & Earth podcast, I talk about my recent conversations with nature spirits, why they became a forbidden topic due to the split between science and spirituality created by the Scientific Revolution, why it’s possible to embrace both spirituality and science, and how cultures around the world have acknowledged nature spirits.


Most importantly, I share:

  • What the nature spirits’ role is on planet Earth
  • 3 ways you can connect with and learn from them
  • And what I feel is the future of the human-nature spirit relationship.


A new monthly discussion group

I’m opening a new monthly discussion group on the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 Eastern.

It’s a place to discuss your explorations of your new, or upleveled, contributions to regeneration for people and planet. Anything you are trying at the personal, home or community level is a welcome topic.

It’s also a setting for questions and sharing about your forays into talking with and listening to beings such as nature spirits. You are welcome to bring any topic or question related to the human-nature relationship and ways we can restore this relationship, our planet, and ourselves.

To receive the Zoom link for our meeting at 5:00 Eastern on August 1, send $12 via PayPal to hch@humansandearth.com

I will facilitate discussion and Q&A.


The beings of nature are waiting to assist us with re-forming how we live on this planet. You can learn to engage with them, for your own good and the good of life on planet Earth. Please listen to and share this new episode to help us all move forward together.


For humans and Earth,

Chara Armon

Why Connecting to Nature Spirits is Important Now

Connecting with Nature Spirits


In this episode, Chara Armon discusses:

  • Who nature spirits are.
  • Why discussing them is an edgy or even forbidden topic due to the Scientific Revolution’s split of spirituality and science.
  • How it’s possible to acknowledge the reality of things both ‘proven’ and ‘unproven’ by science.
  • What the nature spirits want us to know about their role on planet Earth and what we have in common with them.
  • Why we are meant to be in communication with them as our neighbors, friends, and co-creators on Earth.
  • 3 ways you can acknowledge, experience, and communicate with nature spirits.
  • What’s coming in the human-nature spirit relationship.


Your Compassion is Valid

Your Compassion is Valid

Have you had the experience of expressing compassion and being told you’re being unrealistic or irrational? Have you expressed care for a plant or animal and been called a ‘tree hugger’ or ‘bleeding heart’? Our culture over-values intellectual judgement and under-values the compassion of our hearts, but we can shift this together. Letting our compassion be valid is crucial for healing ourselves and our planet.


In this episode, I discuss how:


  • You may need to practice re-opening your compassion if it’s often been shut down by you or others.
  • The global movement honoring compassion and reverence for life is strengthening.
  • Compassionate choices honor life, interdependence, and the right of each being to thrive in a sovereign way without being harmed by others.
  • You can practice 3 Steps for discovering the validity of your compassion: Discerning what ignites your compassion; Acting with Compassionate Conviction; and Cultivating Reverent Relationship with yourself and other beings so you remain in compassion.
  • We can change the global conversation around what counts as ‘realistic,’ ‘intelligent’ responses to the world. Your compassion is valid.