Are you motivated by eco-anxiety or eco-inspiration?

Are you motivated by eco-anxiety or eco-inspiration?


Do you worry that we’re facing disaster on planet Earth?


If you’re fearful about the future of humans and Earth, I’m offering you an alternate view.


Worry keeps us stuck. You can’t create, help or heal when you’re frozen in upset. Feeling concerned is valid, but staying in distress is disempowering.

We need to shift from Eco-anxiety into the empowered state of Eco-inspiration.

For half of the price of my regular mentoring sessions, you can learn 5 Steps to Move from Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Inspiration. Our 1-1 conversation will help you feel calm, purposeful, and inspired instead of scared about what’s happening on planet Earth. The consult comes with a pdf guide and e-book. You can sign up here.

I’m offering 15 consults at half of my regular price to help you shift from Eco-anxiety to Eco-inspiration. I believe you can move beyond your fears about the state of the world and into inspired contribution, whether your focus is at home, in your community, or on a larger scale.

Worrying about disasters keeps us in the energy that created them. A better way is to light up your heart and mind with the love for life on Earth that underlies your worry. Your loving inspiration allows you to then make an impactful contribution to regenerative solutions.

I’m here to support you in learning the 5 Steps to Move from Eco-anxiety to Eco-inspiration. Please join me and let’s start a Revolution of Eco-inspiration.



On the podcast this week is a beautiful interview with my flower essence teacher, Ameya Cohen of Woman Rising Mystery School and Gaia’s Essences. Hear Ameya’s insightful comments on the times we’re in and how plant medicine assists:

  • “Our return and connection to the Earth has to happen in order to create any kind of world that’s sustainable or thriving or serves the all and many.”
  • How flower essences work and why they support your true nature. “They are a gentle, beautiful way to work with the Earth and yourself. Every flower and every tree has specific wisdom that may relate to exactly what you are wanting to heal or expand into.”