Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos: Leah Rampy

Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos: Leah Rampy

After giving presentations on the dangers of impending climate change, Leah Rampy became convinced that something was missing from the conversations. With experience as a teacher, professor, corporate and nonprofit executive, and leadership consultant, she began a decades-long journey to understand what lies beneath our unwillingness to change our interactions with the natural world. Her growing commitment to re-weaving soul and Earth has been informed by leading  pilgrimages and retreats, extensive reading and research, her contemplative practice, and the wisdom of the living world. She is the author of the new book, Earth and Soul: Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos


Listen to hear Leah’s insights on how:

Presenting people with facts about climate change usually isn’t enough to shift behavior.

Welcoming people into relationality and kinship works much better.

Dealing with your overwhelm and discerning what you can contribute will bring you ease.

Nature models interdependent sharing of resources, showing us how to think not in terms of scarcity and competition, but abundance and mutual benefit.