Kerri Lake supports others in recognizing themselves as the clarity of love. Whether working with individuals or facilitating groups, she assists people to generate a way of being that honors their heart and brightens their world. Kerri has a degree in Animal Science and also collaborates with animals. Her podcast is Animals of a New Earth. Find her at


With her soothing voice and calm presence, Kerri shares:


  • Extraordinary stories of how she created healing outcomes with two dangerous horses: “I was really wanting people to see what listening, and love, and compassion, can do.”
  • Her insights on the ‘domination approach’ that has governed human actions for millennia, and how we are shifting into a different motivation. We discuss how domination is portrayed as making us feel safe, yet we don’t in fact feel safe because dominating the planet and one another has created depletion and woundedness.
  • A 10-second practice for testing out a more heart-based, open, vulnerable way of living. A more heart-centered way may feel unfamiliar, but as we have the courage to explore it, we are “revitalizing: creating a new way of being human.”
  • Her view that “the systems that perpetuate domination are going to crumble under their own weight, because domination is not going to work: it’s not how nature is designed.” We talk about how new systems are already in place. We simply need more people waking up and “taking the chance that feeling good and healthy and worthy and abundant and nourished might actually be ok.”