This podcast is for you if you believe in, or want to believe in, regenerative transformation for humans & Earth.

In this opening episode, Chara Armon discusses why now is the time for sacred co-creation between humans and Earth. Hear how this podcast supports your desire to contribute to a new era of thriving for people and planet. Humans & Earth episodes allow you to:

  • Find your contribution to well-being for people & Earth
  • Hear from experts in ecological regeneration & teachers of Earth-based spirituality
  • Receive insights & practices to implement
  • Experience guests’ visions of how wonderful life can be as we repair Earth & co-create with her for our own healing & thriving.

This is the time to cultivate your brightest, most exciting, most nourishing ideas about how gorgeous life can be for humans, plants, animals, ecosystems, and the Earth as we humans learn to live responsibly and regeneratively. Tune in to Humans & Earth for inspiration & practical resources.