As I enjoy the late summer and early fall abundance of fruit in my garden, I’m reflecting that those of us who are not directly experiencing crisis right now need to hold a space of peace, love, and gratitude to uphold all who are experiencing crisis. I have had my share of crisis and tumult, and eventually I’ll share some of those stories, but right now, although my work life is very demanding my life overall is fairly peaceful.


As challenging weather and other national and global emergencies occur, it’s important to not stay endlessly in a space of upset. The biochemistry of anxiety and fear is toxic for our bodies over the long-term, and also inhibits our creative responses to what the world needs.


When the world is tumultuous, there is a tremendous need for gratitude and peace. Gratitude, peace and being in love with the Earth nurture us and create the kind of energetic environment that fosters creativity and regeneration, both within us and in our actions.


In fact, I believe you owe it to those who are in crisis to maintain as much peace as you can.


We can pause and remember that it’s possible to be in love with Earth and feel vast appreciation for being here. I recommend two ways to fall in love or be in love with Earth:

  • Notice that you are surrounded by beings you can appreciate
  • Notice that you are surrounded by beings who need our protection. (Hear about the assistance I recently provided to a baby bunny.)

Whether you are experiencing ease and peace in your life right now, or tumult, you can take comfort and delight in being in love with Earth. No matter where you live you can probably see the sky, feel the breezes, and touch the ground.


What if this is heaven or some kind of paradise and we forgot that was the case?


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