As you consider what role you feel called to play now on Earth, a key question to be asking is, “How do I nurture myself forward?” How do I support myself, and bring in support from other beings, so I can be the kind of presence I want to be on this planet? How can I make my contribution in this time of great shift when humans are learning to interact more lovingly with one another and with all life? In what area of life do I yearn to contribute renewal or regeneration? How can I nurture myself so I can bring my vision into reality?

This isn’t just an intellectual assessment. It’s a set of clues to be felt in body and heart. And once felt, what is required is great self-nurturing: nurturing of the calling, nurturing of the passion to contribute, nurturing of the parts of you that feel doubt and pull back, nurturing of the parts that have been hurt so that they recoil from trust, hope, or belief in yourself. Through this nurturing of self + calling, you find your truest joy and most authentic life. Through this nurturing of self + calling, you help create New Earth—a place of thriving for people, plants, animals, and all life.

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My guest in this week’s episode of Humans and Earth is a specialist in the self-nurturing required to contribute truly to the well-being of the life community. Bill Plotkin, Ph.D. is founder of the Animas Institute and author of several books for Earth-loving humans, including the new Journey of Soul Initiation, which we discuss in this episode.

The premise of Bill’s new book, The Journey of Soul Initiation, is that the root cause of our human and ecological problems is failure of individual development. Our aim, he believes, is to develop so that we may be life-enhancing for Earth and ourselves. Hear Bill discuss:

  • Soul initiation: a life passage most people long for but do not reach because our cultures don’t support this much maturation. It is an initiatory process into true adulthood, where one lives one’s real purpose of contribution to the life community.
  • How a society that encourages soul initiation and contribution to the life community will support people on this journey. Bill defines how childrearing, education, and religious and business institutions can shift as a society learns to promote the whole human development process into the soul initiation, true adult, and true elder phases.
  • “A healthy ego is one that is life-serving—this is who we are” until it’s suppressed. Healthy cultures raise people who want to contribute to the community. The ego is good at planning and is meant to be in service to the soul, which provides the vision. Soul initiation involves the right relationship between ego and soul.


I believe you’ll deeply enjoy hearing Bill’s insights into how we can become more whole and wild, and help the entire life community do the same.

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For Humans and Earth,

Chara Armon