The most exciting thing occurring in our world right now is that we are learning how to change from being harmful to harmless beings. We are choosing to repair the world’s ills by creating new structures of reality. Today I’m talking about the concept of ‘New Earth’ and how you can contribute to ‘New Earth’ becoming reality.


I wholeheartedly believe that we are all here on Earth for a reason, and that our joint mission in the next century or so is to change our human ways of living on Earth from damaging to regenerative. We now understand that what we do to the air, soil, water, animals, and plants, we do to our own bodies and minds. We now understand, very clearly, that all humans, and all species, deserve equality, justice, peace, and the means to survive and thrive. People all over the planet, millions of us, and probably billions, are endeavoring to create healing and regeneration.

Whether you assess all of this from the perspectives of science and history and other scholarly disciplines, as I do, or from the perspective of spiritual teachings, which I also do, it’s evident that we now have clear sight of what needs to change on this planet. We have the knowledge, the skills, the technology, and the heart-based desire and self-understanding, to make these changes.


Thich Nhat Hanh has said, “When we know how to protect all beings, we will be protecting ourselves. A spiritual revolution is needed if we’re going to confront the environmental challenges that face us.”


And it’s happening. Never have we had billions of people all at once who recognize that we must stop harming each other and the Earth and choose our harmless, regenerative, just options instead. You might say that humanity’s heart has been opening for a while, and now we’re stepping further and further into heart-based action.

What is New Earth?  ‘New Earth’ is the higher vibrational reality we are bringing into being on our planet. It doesn’t mean leaving Earth. It means creating so much renewal, regeneration, healing, thriving, and flourishing for everyone, every species and being and system, that life on Earth will be almost unrecognizably different.

Many people believe New Earth already exists as of the past few years, and we simply choose to experience it based on our perspective, vibration, and ways of living. Michael Bernard Beckwith said recently:


“There is a world that’s already here: a world of love, harmony, peace, compassion.  No manner of stagnation can stop it.  No nefarious forces can prevent it.  It’s here, and you are being anointed, appointed, and deputized to do the work to see it.”


And I add, we are here not only to see this world, but to bring it into physical being for everyone. There’s nothing exclusive here: New Earth and its goodness are for everyone.

We actually have so much evidence that we’re moving in this regenerative direction that we can call “New Earth.”

In the new episode of the Humans and Earth podcast, I discuss numerous examples of the regenerative endeavors world-wide that are bringing ‘New Earth’ into being.

The possibilities for collaboratively co-creating New Earth are endless. They create harmless, restorative, healing, balanced, just, fair, and joyous ways for all living beings to co-exist on planet Earth. Where do you feel called to contribute?

Note that this is meant to be a joyful contribution, not a burdensome one—I’ll be talking about that a lot in the e-course I’m launching in early June, so watch for that. Part of the e-course focuses on helping you make your contribution in a way that is regenerative for you, not exhausting.


To stay with the basics for today:


If you want to be a New Earth Co-Creator, you need to do 3 things:

  1. Believe this is happening and that you’re meant to be part of it
  2. Vision it: you need a vision of which aspect of New Earth is most exciting to you and where you desire to contribute
  3. Find your way of actively contributing


What’s beautiful is that your way of contributing is unique and it doesn’t have to fit into anyone else’s box. You may maintain your current career and volunteer for a cause that excites you, or shift your home life in ways that contribute significantly to the greater good. (If you are advocating for justice and environmental sustainability at work and living at home in ways that are less burdensome on the planet and more connected to your community, you definitely are contributing.) You may feel called to make large or even radical changes in your work or lifestyle because you feel a strong mission within you that needs to be served.

My closing suggestion for you today is, dare to believe that New Earth is forming and that you are here to help co-create it and DELIGHT in it. We are creative beings who are here to make life on planet Earth more joyful, inclusive, just, and flourishing for everyone—all people, all species. You get to participate, and that is literally the privilege of many lifetimes