Ameya is the Founder of the Woman Rising Mystery School, an international school for women to re-member earth wisdom, ancient mysteries, and walk the Path of the Rose. Through Ameya’s extensive training and embodiment, she expertly guides women to activate their Soul essence and awaken the Grail codes within. She is also the founder of Gaia’s Wisdom, a line of plant essences. She first fell in love with plant medicine as an environmental studies major in Vermont. After writing a thesis on plant spirit medicine, she continued to follow the calling of the plants. They led her to studying plant spirit medicine, shamanic journeywork, and other spiritually healing modalities. Twenty years later, her journey with the plants has allowed her to support hundreds of clients as a Flower Essence practitioner, train hundreds of practitioners in her certification program, and serve thousands of plant lovers through Gaia’s Wisdom’s Flower Essences. Find her at and


I greatly enjoyed being in conversation with my own flower essence teacher. Tune in to hear Ameya discuss:


  • When we have trauma, “we’re seeing through the imprint of pain. And that gets inflicted on the Earth” because “we’ve never been taught to put the Earth as primary in our decision making.” “Our biggest trauma, I think, is our disconnect from the Earth.”
  • Her curiosity now in this time of tumult: “What are we being fine-tuned for?” And are we undergoing a huge clearing of humanity’s past traumas? Now “we are inviting a restoration and a re-connection.”
  • “Our return and connection to the Earth has to happen in order to create any kind of world that’s sustainable or thriving or serves the all and many.”
  • How flower essences work and why they support your true nature. “They are a gentle, beautiful way to work with the Earth and yourself. Every flower and every tree has specific wisdom that may relate to exactly what you are wanting to heal or expand into.”
  • How many of us have experiences of communicating with plants but then believe we have to shut the ability down or make a joke about it.
  • A story of watching two people simultaneously hear the same message from a tree and being moved to amazed tears that they could experience that connection and its affirmation.
  • Her own vivid experience of making a flower essence in Hawai’i, ‘losing’ the flower and her essence bowl in the forest when she returned to find it after a hike, and then learning that this orchid teaches that “truth is so often overlooked—we will walk right past it because what truth actually asks us to do makes us really scared.”
  • How she has raised her young son with plant essences.