How can we restore the Earth when so many of the world’s politicians don’t seem to be helping? Recently a student asked me a version of that question. Having thought a lot about this over the years, I responded that one thing I find encouraging is that when beneficial transitions occur in human society, they usually aren’t led by politicians. Citizen groups more often create change. Politicians follow in response. Think of the accomplishments of creating voting rights for women, abolishing slavery, ending child labor in factories, or designating environmental protections. These developments grew first out of the advocacy of citizens. When cultural momentum became strong enough, politicians acted. I told the student that if politicians aren’t ‘getting it’ on environmental issues, I find it frustrating but not a reason to despair.

That’s why I’m an advocate for each of us wholeheartedly making whatever regenerative contribution we feel called to make and inviting others to do the same. Collaboratively we turn the tide. I spent a number of years feeling upset about environmental problems, to the point that my distress affected my health. Then I realized that all I can do is all I can do! I make a number of contributions, but I can’t solve our environmental crises single-handedly. The way we do solve them is for more and more people to choose their area and contribute there, doing so from a centered, soulful clarity. The growth of regenerative agriculture and the pace of the renewable energy transition persuade me that this is happening globally, and that’s why, on the whole, I’m hopeful. Sometimes I feel sad and worried. But I side with hope. Hope inspires us to stretch to make our biggest, most heart-felt contribution.

Empowered Purpose with Kevan Ryon

My guest this week on the Humans & Earth Podcast is Kevan Ryon. He’s a specialist in wholehearted contribution to the world. As an energy healer who discovered his abilities through his journey with his own Cerebral Palsy, Kevon is an expert in overcoming challenges, surpassing discouragement, and finding the way to wholeness.

Tune in to this episode to hear Kevan discuss:

  • How having cerebral palsy was the catalyst for him to discover his skill as a healer.
  • The chance we have collectively now to let outmoded systems decline and create new ones that feel more aligned with how we now understand the human story on Earth. As we realize how we create the reality we live in, we become better at creating the realities we truly desire, such as healing technologies.
  • Why looking for our “empowerment in the present moment is one of the biggest things that we can do right now.”
  • Why he thinks it’s okay to be afraid at times as the world shifts: “you don’t have to have everything figured out.” And why it’s important to take breaks from the introvert bubble, if that’s your tendency, to connect with others and share stories and support.
  • What he would say to someone who feels discouraged during this time of tumult and change. As someone who lives with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy, Kevan speaks with authority on how to see challenges as temporary, and low days as just one type of experience that can be used to take us higher in our vibration, outlook, and co-creation with life.
  • How we long for authenticity because we are meant to be people without constraints.
  • Why he thinks we’re making progress in becoming more holistic in our understanding of areas such as healthcare and communication with plants and animals as we energetically advance as human beings. We are consciously learning to become more synergistic with other species and respect their synergy with one another, recognizing that “Animals and plants really are our equals.” Kevan shares a story about dolphins arriving at a family ceremony.


“As we shift our understanding of what consciousness is, we can develop a conscious relationship that can heal Earth, plants, animals, and everything.” Kevan Ryon

“When you see environmental problems, don’t be in despair. The Earth is a strong being! It knows how to correct itself. That doesn’t mean we should keep polluting, but it means the Earth is ready for us to heal, and the Earth is ready to heal.” Kevan Ryon

Find Kevan’s interview here.

How are you doing with your regenerative contribution?


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