Do you ever have the experience of suggesting a restorative, healing, or otherwise helpful idea and hearing someone tell you it sounds good but isn’t practical?


We don’t need to let our sense of what’s practical limit our creation of solutions to the problems people and planet are facing.


We are in a position right now on planet Earth where solutions are greatly needed.


  • If you care about bringing  solutions into being, it’s important to not let yourself feel shut down when others meet your ideas with the statement that they don’t sound practical.
  • People are probably mistaken when they discount a visionary idea as ‘impractical.’
  • Inspiration is valid: one of the main points of spirituality is to inspire us to bring into existence that which we value most highly.

If you feel a spark of inspiration, don’t feel discouraged if others don’t understand.


Inventors, visionaries, changemakers, humanitarians, and the local-scale contributors and leaders who make things better in the world around them are NOT practical first and foremost. They are visionary and inspired first, and then they seek the ways to bring their inspired vision into practical existence.


We’re living in a time that needs YOUR inspired contributions.


Believe in your inspiration and share your vision with those who are open to believing it with you.