You’re likely already contributing to the consciousness shifts that are creating regenerative solutions for people and planet. In this episode, I discuss some old types of consciousness we are outgrowing and the new types that favor regeneration and well-being for all life. Listen to hear about three key aspects of consciousness shift and how you can participate:


  • We are growing beyond beliefs in hierarchy to embrace the unity and equality of all life.
  • The well-being of individual people and humanity as a whole is intricately intertwined with the well-being of the natural world.
  • We create solutions through positive visions of what we desire, not through fear or despair.

Know that as you participate in the aspects of consciousness shift that feel wise, welcoming, and aligned to you, you contribute to the collective consciousness shift that is leading us into an era of co-creative regeneration for people and our planet.

Despite the troubles and turmoil we’re encountering, it’s truly an amazing time to be here. You are needed. You are included. You can help co-create a regenerative shift.