Rachel Pfotenhauer holds an M.A. in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, as well as a channel of Earth. She channels Earth’s healing energy to assist clients with health problems such as anxiety, PTSD, and chronic infections. She offers classes and retreats that mentor participants in connecting to Earth energy and consciousness. Her website is www.vast-earth.com

In this episode, Rachel and Chara discuss:

  • How you can easily connect directly to Earth
  • Why we’re meant to live in partnership with Earth
  • Why connecting to Earth improves your well-being & hers
  • How connecting to Earth is a source of heightened intuition, self-awareness, and immunity
  • How acknowledging Earth as your life partner & a source of healing can bring you clarity about your life & awareness of how to contribute to Earth’s regeneration.

“You can connect to Earth anywhere. She wants to build an intimate relationship with you. When you really recognize that you’re meant to be here in relationship with your soul and Earth as one, it gives you meaning and is a beacon of guidance for you.”


“When we connect into her and recognize her as consciousness and give her our loving attention, then we clear her energetic bodies, we clear her soul, because she has wounding, too, which we have done to her. Our global consciousness of fear has damaged Earth…as we give her our love and support she moves into balance, which then in turn heals us.”

–Rachel Pfotenhauer

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