In this episode of Humans and Earth, Fay Johnstone talk about what is possible between people and plants. She offers insight into how we can relate with plants for our well-being and theirs.

I’m a plant person. Maybe you are, too, and if you’re not, you most definitely can become one. I listen to plants, love them, use them as medicine (herbal and energy), and consider them my friends, teachers, and collaborators. From the time I could walk as a toddler, I couldn’t get enough of flowers, trees, and plants of all kinds, and that love has been a constant in my life. Without plants in my life, I feel lost. Faye has a deep relationship with plants through her expertise as a gardener, flower farmer, and Plant Spirit Reiki practitioner, and she shares her insights in this week’s episode of Humans and Earth.

Our connections with plants are vital. We are called to collaborate with plants in mutually regenerative ways. This will involve continuing shifts in how we grow our food, how we treat illness, and how we tend the plants in and around our homes. I light up when I think of how the regenerative agricultural revolution, our care for plants in our homes and gardens, and holistic, plant-based healthcare are already moving in the direction of true human-plant collaboration. More people like Fay and myself also are cultivating direct communication with plants.

One of the points Fay makes in our conversation in this week’s episode of Humans & Earth is that plants are always available to give us support. As we rely on them to restore ourselves, we are better able to support them, in turn. Fay shares ways to connect with plants to feel more whole:

In our conversation, Fay describes how:

  • In her former career she felt stressed and disconnected: “I was going through life wobbly, not very grounded or rooted in a sense of who I am and my belonging. I found my sense of belonging through this connection with nature.”
  • Knowing she is part of the sacred natural web reminds her we are not alone. This is “a more collaborative way of life. It’s not just about me and what I thought success meant.”
  • Intuitive nature walks, breathing with plants, and plant prayers can help you bond with plants.
  • Bringing plants into our learning, healing or living spaces creates “a healing exchange with the natural world.”


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For humans and Earth,

Chara Armon