Do you talk with animals? Really talk with them, not just to them? Or do you want to learn how?

This week’s guest on Humans and Earth, Kate Solisti, is President of Kinship Enterprises, and has been dedicated to nurturing animal-human understanding and wellness since 1992. Her purpose is to give “voice to all members of the animal kingdom so they can participate with human beings in improving their own health and well-being as well as that of all species and the planet.” As a facilitator of interspecies communication, Kate works with both wild animals and companion animals. She is a recognized expert in dog and cat care, behavioral counseling, nutrition, Flower Essence therapy, and energy healing. She is the author of six books and has been featured nationally and internationally on stage, radio, and television. Find her at


In this interview, Kate shares how:


  • Her early childhood relationship with her cat, Dusty, taught her how to communicate with animals, though the pain of losing him then caused her to shut down her ability.
  • The “double-edged sword” of being very sensitive gave her many listening abilities as a child but led to her being told her abilities were not real.
  • She re-integrated her intuitive abilities in young adulthood. As she began to make her intuition feel safe again, she started to hear plants’ and animals’ messages. “It felt like I was becoming whole again.”
  • We can all learn to communicate with animals: “it’s not magic, it’s just practice….The ability to connect with other species is a birthright….[it is] about learning to trust yourself.”
  • Trauma, people telling you it’s your imagination, or the loss of a beloved animal can get in the way. But “we need people to remember. The animals need people to remember. The Earth needs us to remember.”
  • The animals in your local area are often the best ones to connect to since you share the same home. Kate sees humanity going forward in making heart connections to our local animals, plants, and natural systems and thus realizing we desire to protect their well-being.
  • A message from a surprising wild animal in the forest outside Kate’s home offers a view on how to balance interdependence and independence, and the good of the whole community with the good of the individual.