You Can Flourish While You Contribute to Earth’s Regeneration & Humanity’s Thriving


You yearn to help restore Earth as a place where all life can thrive.

Your heart tells you it’s possible for people, plants, animals, and ecosystems to experience renewal together.

But as a focused and ambitious person, you’re unsure whether it’s safe to follow your heart’s call.

Can you base real-world leadership on your reverence for life?

The answer is yes, and the time is now.



It’s time to enact your soulful service.



Through coaching with Chara Armon, you’ll gain:

  • Support for clarifying your vision of renewal for people & planet and choosing your path of contribution
  • Trust that your compassionate vision is valid & actionable
  • Tools for connecting to Earth & her beings for insight & support
  • Awareness of how to be a healing presence while feeling grounded & whole during this time of tremendous change
  • Flower and tree essence formulations (optional) to support your forward movement.


Consult with Chara Armon via phone or Zoom for support in developing your inspired service. (For immersive coaching intensives, please see the Gatherings page.)



We’re meant to collaborate in a mutually nourishing and energizing relationship with the natural world.

But are your profession, the environmental and social justice movements, or activist approaches leaving you exhausted? What if our current systems can’t create the regeneration people and planet need?

You’ve experienced the shut-down of your soulful authenticity and heart’s wisdom. You’ve ‘toed the line,’ ‘followed the rules,’ and played society’s ‘games.’  You’ve kept your wise longings hidden out of fear of failure, persecution, and rejection.

But you can no longer live according to rules that break you and Earth. You yearn to stop contributing to systems that assault Earth and our bodies with stress and pollution. A part of you is crying out to do things that help and heal, not harm. And you feel you may combust if you don’t bring forth the insights and creative responses that are boiling within you. Suppressing them feels like it could burn you alive.



When you crave a soul-guided life of joy and contribution but fear it’s impractical, you hurt inside.


In a coaching session with Chara Armon, you learn to listen to the internal wisdom that makes you yearn to contribute to flourishing for humanity, Earth, and all Earth’s beings while thriving in your own life. You’ll gain support with discovering how you can help regenerate our planet while experiencing a mutually nourishing connection with her.

When we work together, we discuss where your fears or cultural programming are talking you out of the contribution you’re yearning to make. I then offer supportive tools to help you bring forward your heart-centered contributions to the world, whether your focus is at home, your local community, or the broader world, and whether you work primarily with people, primarily with the natural world, or both.


Our session will invite you onto a creative, heart-centered path of deepening how you connect with Earth and her beings as you contribute your gifts to the world. This is about becoming free to live as your whole self—body, mind, and soul. 



You can become the shimmering embodied space where Divine insight and physical reality create renewal.



I work primarily with women yet have experience coaching people of all genders, and happily do so.

Chara has been a wonderful mentor and spiritual guide to me over our five sessions together. I came to her seeking a deeper nature connection after years of struggling to see how I fit into this grand being we call Earth. She is wonderful at both asking questions and offering her thoughts in a balanced and approachable manner. We have engaged in mindfulness practices together in a way that has been very grounding. Chara has helped me discern how I can better connect to Earth and serve the Earth–from helping me uncover pieces of myself as a nature being, to the ways in which I am empowered to connect to nature anywhere, to really honing in on my personal values and how they connect to other portions of my life such as family, community, and career. She is an incredibly intuitive and wise woman, and I’m thankful for our sessions.


With her keen intuition and vast knowledge, Chara graciously offers wisdom via clear, easily absorbed, and actionable steps. I appreciate her always powerful, yet always gentle guidance toward a more healthful, more balanced approach to our own and the planet’s fullest flourishing! I encourage others to call on Chara’s gifts as a mentor.  You will be enriched, inspired, and restored!

Holly A.

Chara Armon is a visionary who cares deeply about our planet and personal healing. She is always walking her talk with the highest integrity and is a passionate guide in service to the mutual healing of our planet and all beings. She inspires with her commitment to bringing a greater state of harmony to the issues affecting our planet and humanity in our world today.

Deborah L.

I had never tried Flower Essence Therapy before working with Chara, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had recently upleveled my business and felt overwhelmed by my new responsibilities, which involved stepping into a leadership position. It was a very big leap for me, and I felt very anxious. Just weeks after starting Chara’s first unique blend of flower essences, I felt calmer, more confident, and more at ease. I also noticed that I was able to tap into my creativity more easily, as well as be more productive than I’ve ever been. And not only were the essences unbelievably helpful, but Chara radiates such a strong and supportive presence. She was like an anchor, stabilizing and encouraging me, while I underwent some really deep transformation. This transformation didn’t just impact my business. It impacted my whole life.

Rhoda Jordan

The Time is Now

Work with Chara Armon, Ph.D. to enact your soulful service. Sessions are offered with or without flower and tree essence formulations to support you in your journey. Select a single session or a package of four sessions.

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