Shifting to a ‘We’ Culture: Nina Simons

Shifting to a ‘We’ Culture: Nina Simons

“We are in a paradigm shift from an ‘I’ culture to a ‘we’ culture.” “We are collectively co-creating a new world.”


Nina Simons is the co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer at Bioneers and leads its Everywoman’s Leadership program. Bioneers is a nonprofit that uses media, convening, and connecting to lift up visionary and practical solutions for many of our most pressing social and  ecological challenges, revealing a regenerative and equitable future that’s within our reach today.  Nina is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about reinventing leadership, restoring the feminine, and co-creating a healthy, peaceful, and equitable world for all. Throughout her career spanning the nonprofit, social entrepreneurship, corporate, and philanthropic sectors, Nina has worked with nearly a thousand diverse women leaders across disciplines, race, class, age, orientation, and more to create conditions for mutual learning and leadership development. In 2017, Nina was a recipient of the Goi Peace Award, presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world. She is the author of Nature, Culture, & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, and of Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.

Hear Nina discuss:


  • “The Earth needs us all to be leaders now.” And hierarchical models of leadership won’t provide the restoration that is needed.
  • Her experience of redefining leadership as non-hierarchical and collaborative so that it became a role she could accept. What humans and Earth need is a “full-spectrum leadership” that departs from patriarchal values and instead values both feminine and masculine strengths and contributions. This leadership honors bodily and emotional wisdom as much as rational thought.
  • Our old definitions of leadership allow for leadership only in a few circumstances. We need to recognize that vital forms of leadership include parenting, art-making, teaching…”There are probably as many expressions of leadership as we are human beings.”
  • “The most inspiring leaders I know are those that can show up with vulnerability and not knowing, turn to each other for help, and exercise what I call relational intelligence. They’re helping create a culture where transformation is possible.” We all become leaders by supporting these skills in ourselves and others.
  • Our whole culture is up for review and renewal. We need to nurture this within models of regeneration, not depletion of self, others, and our planet. “It’s not really our power we’re reclaiming, it’s actually the power of life’s energy coming through us.”
Humanity’s Journey with Earth

Humanity’s Journey with Earth

Hear David Nicol, Ph.D. eloquently describe the big picture of humanity’s long journey of relationship with Earth and how we’re now ready to create dynamic transformation to benefit all life.

David discusses how those of us alive today are undergoing the personal and collective initiation of releasing outmoded patterns of hierarchy and stepping into co-creating new ways of collaborating with one another and our planet. The inner soulful journey many are experiencing is mirrored by the social, political, and environmental transformations we are endeavoring to co-create.

He notes how this is an egalitarian, inclusive process of transformation that welcomes each person’s or being’s sovereignty, individuality, and unique insights and abilities. He also explains how he sees a consciousness of healing and peace growing world-wide.

This conversation originally aired on the NEO Network in early 2022.

How to Connect to Earth for Mutual Benefit

How to Connect to Earth for Mutual Benefit

Hear Rachel Pfotenhauer discuss how to connect to Earth for her benefit and your own.

Tremendous shifts are available as we pair conscious connection with our regenerative actions. You can contribute easily, and increase your own thriving as you do.



This conversation originally aired on the New Earth One Network in February of 2022.

Regenerative Collaboration in Science and Spirituality

Regenerative Collaboration in Science and Spirituality

We’re experiencing a revolution in our understandings about how life on planet Earth really works. Hear why collaboration is actually how things are meant to function on Earth, and why that’s good news for anyone who cares about healing our planet and human well-being. I talk about what this means for your sense of hope, your own thriving, and your experience of connection to the people, plants, and animals with whom you co-exist on this lovely planet we call Earth.


In this episode I cover:


  • New scientific findings that are identifying collaboration as perhaps the most vital aspect of how life on Earth thrives.
  • Evidence of how human cultures have been leaning more into collaboration for the past three centuries.
  • What this means for your well-being and for our joint work of restoring our planet and human well-being.


Despite the messiness occurring on planet Earth, there’s evidence everywhere that we’re outgrowing mistaken stories of domination and hierarchy. This is a thrilling time to be alive as science and spirituality converge in conversations about how we can renew life on Earth by witnessing and encouraging the collaborations that are fundamental to how Earth’s systems function.


Collaboration is a key to turning life on Earth from foundering to flourishing.


It’s up to us which story we choose, and which story we live inside.

Choose Green Brain Over Red Brain

Choose Green Brain Over Red Brain

Life on Earth is complex right now! Whether you are alert to refugee crises, signs of environmental damage and climate change, severe storms, health effects from air and water pollution, or social and political turmoil, you could make a list of a lot of things that worry you or even lead you to feel despair.


But are the anxiety and eco-anxiety that have become normal our best response to the crises we face? Neuroscience and the history of activism suggest an alternative response that’s more beneficial for us as individuals, and far more effective for healing our world. We’re learning that:


  • Anxiety creates a freeze response in our brains that shuts down the optimism and innovation needed to solve crises.
  • People who bemoan social problems or environmental problems often make few or no contributions to solutions.
  • Neuroscientist Rick Hanson describes the human brain’s state of anxiety, stress, and pessimism as the activity of our reactive (and more primitive) ‘red brain.’ Conversely, our ‘green brain’ state is our responsive (and more evolved) mode of confidently meeting challenges and enjoying life’s pleasures without getting stuck in the stress response.
  • We can see the effects of red brain and green brain play out in human history and the work of current activists such as Wangari Maathai and Boyan Slat.
  • It may be fashionable to moan and complain in ‘red brain’ and talk about our dystopian future, but I challenge you to realize that actually we are designed to respond creatively to our world, not sit frozen in despair.
  • If you want to suffer less and help a lot more, learn to curate your ‘green brain.’ Listen in to learn how.
  • Living as much as possible in green brain allows you to be someone who assists with regeneration for people and planet, rather than someone who holds us back.
Blissipline for Thriving on Earth with Karen Lorre

Blissipline for Thriving on Earth with Karen Lorre

Karen Lorre helps people release unconscious blocks so they can have priceless results. She is the best-selling author of three books, Chronic Pleasure, Effortless Enchantment, and Chronic Pleasure in Relationships. Karen’s work has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Gay Hendricks. She has had a lifelong interest in epigenetics, neuroscience, health, and spirituality. Karen is also an actress who has done over a thousand hours of TV, films and commercials. Earlier in her life, Karen went through intense emotional and physical challenges that doctors could not seem to heal. This led her to discover ways to transform her fatigue and pain into vibrant energy and chronic pleasure. She now lives a life of magnetism and miracles and teaches others how to do the same. You can access her books for free at


Hear Karen discuss:


  • How she went from feeling that the world was too troubled for her to want to stay in it, to realizing that a focus on problems holds them in our reality.
  • Her discovery that when you are solutions-focused, you continually encounter people who are bringing next-level solutions to the world and you see how you can contribute.
  • Her exploration of sustainable and regenerative agriculture’s benefits and how she supports local farmers.
  • How Blissipline took her out of serious chronic illness to her current state of thriving, joy, and mentoring others. “Blissipline creates a momentum” that lets you create from your desire rather than responding to the world from worry or fear.
  • The best contributions arise out of love. People think worry and stress lead to creativity, but actually, if you’re feeling good, that’s when your opportunities appear. “I think, I love this planet. I love nature and want to support it any way that I can. I love seeing nature thriving.” And as you focus in this way, opportunities for your contribution become clear.
  • How you can choose to be influenced by either the world’s ‘bad news’ or ‘good news,’ and how this affects your brain’s reticular activating system, your neuroplasticity, and your perceptions of life.
  • What to do if this kind of conversation doesn’t feel ‘realistic’ to you.