Animals as our teachers: Kate Neligan

Animals as our teachers: Kate Neligan

Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered life and business coach, healer, and animal communicator who is devoted to the human-animal bond. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of horses and goats to help people access their own inner power and life purpose. She works with both high-performing women and companies in developing mindful cultures through team-building and leadership retreats. Kate has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in equine experiential education. She is the creator of Awakening With Equines, a first-if-its kind certification program for equine-partnered facilitators, and an Awakening With Equines card deck that highlights horse wisdom qualities. Find her at 


Tune in to hear Kate discuss:


  • What it’s like to experience animal-partnered coaching.
  • How horses, donkeys, and goats offer us unique types of support, including energy work.
  • The higher way for us to treat animals and how we can dismantle speciesism and outgrow old patterns of domination of animals.
  • How animals and plants are waiting for our next-level collaboration.
We’re Called to Transform

We’re Called to Transform

Do you ever think about how all cultures have important myths and stories about transformation? Tune in to hear:


  • Why transformation is core to who we are as humans
  • Signs of transformation already occurring in our world
  • Why transformation is something we have to choose
  • Why individual transformation leads the way for collective transformation
  • How to craft your own transformative story about what humans and nature accomplish together in the 21st century

Hear the story of Sedna and why it’s important for you to design your own transformative story that will help guide us forward as humans on Earth.

The natural world is waiting for us to choose transformation.

You’re Part of the Democracy of Frequency

You’re Part of the Democracy of Frequency

What does it mean to be part of the democracy of frequency?

We all get to choose, in any moment, what frequency we are holding: rage or despair, joy or peace; fear or irritation, love or inspiration, discontent or gratitude. As we can learn from wise voices such as recent Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nargess Mohammadi, or others such as Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, and Immaculee Ilibagiza, even when we are imprisoned in dire circumstances, we have a choice about what our internal energetic and emotional state is, and what we are then able to offer to the world.


Tune to hear how:


Choosing our energetic state may be our highest contribution to healing our planet and harmonizing the human-Earth relationship. This is because life on planet Earth operates as a democracy of interconnected lives, or a grand symbiotic system in which countless lives are intertwined, continually influencing one another via their frequency, decisions, and actions.


Each of us gets to choose whether we are emitting muddy or dim light, or bright, vibrant, light that brings greater beauty and regenerative creativity to the world.


You can curate your frequency and contributions through a 4-step process.


This can be easy at times, and an uphill climb at others, yet it’s not spiritual bypassing. I offer examples.


The democracy of frequency and the options it offers you are likely going to be make or break in what happens here on Earth. Those who believe there’s still plenty of hope for humanity and the Earth are the ones who are opening pathway after pathway for us to live in harmony with one another and the Earth.

How to Stand Tall Instead of Wilting in These Times

How to Stand Tall Instead of Wilting in These Times

Whether you believe our world is healing or floundering toward disaster depends on which evidence you notice.


In this episode, hear me discuss the views of the climate experts I recently heard advocating for perspectives of hopelessness.


I then help you consider whether you want to wilt or stand tall in the face of all that’s occurring in our world. Tune in to hear the two options, then explore suggestions of how you can make the choice you feel is wisest and most helpful.


You’ll then hear why I think it’s crucial right now to distinguish between 20th c. sustainability viewpoints that are now outmoded and  21st. c. regenerative viewpoints that are deeper, more inclusive, and have the potential to transform life on this planet into tremendous flourishing.

Being an Advocate for Plants: Paul Moss

Being an Advocate for Plants: Paul Moss

Paul Moss is co-founder and executive director of The Plant Initiative  a nonprofit organization founded in 2020 that works collaboratively with others to advance respectful treatment of plants. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota in the department of Geography, Environment and Society, where he is focusing on the relationship between people and plants. He has an undergraduate degree in biology, and masters’ degrees in agronomy and marketing.


In this episode of Humans & Earth, Paul speaks about:


  • His life-long connection with plants and respect for their sophistication.
  • Plants as intelligent, responsive, and sentient beings, not objects, and the ethical issues these discoveries raise for human treatment of plants.
  • The need for more people and organizations to advocate for the well-being and respectful treatment of plants, including in agriculture and the human diet.
  • When we harm plants we harm ourselves, and when we help them, we help ourselves.
  • How new scientific discoveries are leading us beyond our tendency to objectify and devalue plants, and books and talks to explore if you want to know more.
  • Intuitive communication with plants.
  • How cultural assumptions are way behind our actual scientific and intuitive insights about plants’ complexity and intelligence.
  • Practical ways we can treat plants with respect, care, reciprocity, and gratitude and work toward creating a “worldwide democracy of all beings.”
Regenerative Collaboration: Principles & Actions

Regenerative Collaboration: Principles & Actions


In this sequel to Episode 44, Regenerative Collaboration in Science & Spirituality, I talk about how we can see the story of Regenerative Collaboration gaining strength in today’s world.


I share 4 Principles of Regenerative Collaboration.


I also offer you 3 ways to participate: things you can do if you want to help humanity move further into Regenerative Collaboration.


And I show you how to help others see that living in collaboration with other people and with the natural world brings flourishing, not loss.