Riue Melvina Brown holds an MBA in business and a doctoral degree in educational leadership. She is an Angelic Shaman, Karuna Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Sound Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Permaculture Designer/Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, beekeeper, and herbalist. Her heritage is African-American and Cherokee Indian and she has studied under Native American Medicine People. She is the owner of InnerSource Wellness Center and Lemu Sacred Regenerative Urban Farm. She is as connected to the celestial realms as to the earth, and feels it is our time to express reverence for all beings. Find her offerings at http://innersourcewellnesscenter.com


Tune into this warm conversation to hear Riue discuss:


  • The purpose we all share of being inter-connected with people, plants, animals, and all life.
  • How we’re a lot bigger than the societal structures we’ve put into place. We see some of the old systems breaking down currently “because we as beings are waking up, and that’s a beautiful thing.”
  • The current ‘unwinding’ of outmoded cultural assumptions occurring now in a process some refer to as the spiritual growth experience of Ascension.
  • How she listens to her bees and plants on her permaculture homestead. “Nature has always been here to try to teach us not only who we are, but about our greater and broader connection and how we should be in community with one another.”
  • How as a shaman, she experiences nature as a gateway or throughway to other dimensions and realities, and facilitates healing for others as the practices connect Earth and the heavens.
  • Her permaculture homestead with its bees, mushrooms, native plants, high tunnel for winter growing, community nursery, community garden with volunteer opportunities, and participation in a food hub in Wilmington, DE with other urban farms.
  • Her vision of a future in which we no longer separate ourselves according to our differences: “I think this is a time of bringing back the reverence and the sacredness for everything.”