We’re experiencing a lot of information swirling around currently, so I’m keeping this newsletter short and simply encouraging you to listen to this beautiful conversation with Dr. Riue Melvina Brown.

Riue combines an MBA in business and a doctoral degree in educational leadership with her work as a shaman, Reiki master, permaculturist, and beekeeper. Her heritage is African-American and Cherokee Indian and she has studied under Native American medicine people. Her life and work are a synthesis of many sacred traditions, spiritual and practical skills, and a deep relationship with the natural world.

I loved talking with her and then had the great pleasure a few weeks later of meeting her in-person. It may be saying a lot to describe someone as ‘wise,’ yet she is. And through her connection to nature and her spiritual practices, as well as her expertise in the ‘everyday’ business world, she is grounded and whole. If you need some peace, listen to this interview. Better yet, watch the video. Editing it calmed me on a hectic day, and I think you’ll find the same serenity, trust, and sense of purpose as you encounter what Riue shares.


You can listen or watch here.

For humans and Earth,

Chara Armon