Dr. Cara Gubbins is a scientist, intuitive, and global thought leader for a new way for people and animals to live together in harmony. She is the best-selling and award-winning author of 5 books about the natural history of animals, animal wisdom, and personal growth. For nearly a decade she has been a successful animal communicator, connecting people more deeply to the animals that they love most.

She is also the creator of how to Talk to Your Pet, the proven 4-step system that teaches anyone and everyone how to communicate intuitively with their pets or with any animal. Each month in the Animal Wisdom Circle, she guides members to receive spiritual guidance from all kinds of animals, helping everyone become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Twice a year, she hosts online summits, bringing together experts from around the world to share their wisdom on animal communication and healing, conservation, and spiritual growth and evolution.

Cara’s mission is to inspire our global community to live the lives they’re here to live by connecting with animals, nature, and Spirit; saying “yes” to themselves and their dreams; and remembering that there is always time to play. Learn more about her work at CaraGubbins.com.

In this episode, Cara Gubbins shares her journey to becoming an animal communicator who works with companion animals and wild animals and teaches others this skill:

  • How she transitioned from a conventional career as an ecologist, feeling she couldn’t bring her intuitive and spiritual abilities into her work, to a career where she blends science, intuition, and spirituality and no longer feels divided.
  • How she asks animals questions such as “What do you need? How can we help you?” “What is important to you and how do we honor your process?”
  • Why this skill is teachable and learnable, with tools that make it easier, and what her process of learning was like. “I had this ability inside myself all along; I just didn’t give myself permission to access it. Once the blocks were removed I could refine and practice that ability.”
  • “The science, the biology, is showing me that we [humans and animals] are exactly the same. So why do we think we’re different?…What I hear from animals is that they are beings on all these levels just like we are.”
  • How our scientific measurement and new advances in science are helping us see animals in their fullness, understand their likeness to us, and understand the concept of ‘energy.’ We discussed how now our culture needs to catch up with scientific and spiritual advancements in understanding.
  • What she learns from companion animals with health issues and those at the end of their lives, and how this has influenced her spiritual viewpoint. “There is a bigger experience than just the three-dimensional physical world we live in.”