“There is no difference between healing the planet and healing ourselves.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

A Path to Your Purpose

The School for Humans & Earth offers strategies for creating regeneration for humanity and Earth while you nurture your own well-being.

You’ll flourish when your life and contributions are guided by your loving connection with our exquisite planet.

Through our courses, coaching, and podcast, Chara Armon and The School for Humans & Earth support you in enhancing your relationship with Earth, claiming your life-nurturing purpose, and offering your dynamic leadership in service to Earth and her inhabitants.

The Power Is In Our Hands

Now is the time to transform how we are living on our planet. We can restore Earth and human health to create a world of thriving for all beings.

Each of us can contribute to the renewal needed for us all to flourish.

Chara Armon, Ph.D.

Chara Armon, Ph.D. is a thought leader and teacher who believes we’re ready to collaboratively renew Earth and heal ourselves in the process.

Through courses, one-on-one coaching, and retreats and other immersion experiences, she supports people who are discerning their next-level contributions to the thriving of people and planet. She has extensive experience with both her own and clients’ paths of discerning their service, and with the challenges in health and authentic expression that may be experienced by empaths and those with deep connections to nature. Clients are drawn to her ability to help them see the value of their calling.

She is a flower essence practitioner certified through Woman Rising, and a writer, gardener, permaculturist, wife, mother, and dog guardian. She holds three humanities degrees, including an Ivy League Ph.D., and brings her expertise in the history of the human-Earth relationship to her work of coaching its regeneration.

The School for Humans and Earth, and Chara Armon, uphold the value of all people–of all races, gender or sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, or beliefs–and the value of all of Earth’s beings–animals, plants, minerals, microbes, ecosystems, water, air, soil, and more. We are aware of the ongoing wrongs of domination (speciesism, anthropocentrism, racism, colonialism, patriarchy, and environmental injustice) and their heavier effects on people experiencing poverty and people of color/BIPOC. We seek ways to incorporate anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and justice as important strands of our work. We believe that healing the human relationship to Earth is inter-related with the work of healing human relationships to one another and transitioning life on Earth from systems of domination to systems of collaboration. We trust that a world of harmony among all people, and among all beings, is within our reach as we continually choose to co-create it together. We advocate for freedom and sovereignty for all beings on Earth.

 “Imagine a different relationship, in which people and land are good medicine for each other.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer

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