A Guide to Informed Optimism

Do you worry that we’ve ruined planet Earth?

It’s time to be aware that although our problems are serious, regenerative solutions are developing all around us. If you hear only the ‘bad news’ you might feel hopeless. But once you realize that all over the planet people are changing the human presence from damaging to restorative, you can feel inspired instead. This is Informed Optimism: being alert to the need for Earth’s restoration AND becoming excited about how much progress we’re already making.

Explore A Guide to Informed Optimism: Things to Know and Explore to Feel Hopeful about the Human Future with Earth to learn about:

  • 8 Global Movements that are restoring the human-Earth relationship, regenerating Earth’s systems, and creating jobs and well-being for people.
  • 8 initiatives with the potential to create enormous restoration for people and planet: Regenerative Food Production; Renewable Energy; Renewable and Regenerative Manufacturing; Regenerative Land Care; Education in, for, and about Nature; Spiritual and Religious Traditions Honoring the Life Community; Natural Wellness Approaches; and Communication with Earth’s Beings.
  • Informed Optimism Inquiry questions throughout the e-book help you consider how you feel as you learn about restorative solutions, how you would like to see them advance, and how you feel drawn to participate.

Informed optimism is a choice. You can look at our environmental problems and despair, or you can open your eyes to our array of regenerative approaches and feel profoundly hopeful.

Humans create what we believe we can create. Join in deciding that we can heal Earth and humanity. Discover or up-level your contribution and enjoy co-creating with other people and the natural world.


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