A Guide to Healing

Are you trying to live a thriving life and contribute to the well-being of people and planet yet getting derailed by health problems?

In A Guide to Healing: Resources for Self-Empowerment, you’ll discover 5 Focus Areas that support an empowered path of healing. Going deeper than self-care practices, the Guide emphasizes often-neglected areas of our wellness that may need attention.

This Guide provides you with resources that can take your healing journey from stuck to blossoming. You’ll learn that your health problems aren’t just highly uncomfortable, but that they also may be your doorways to the life you really want to live. You’ll gain knowledge and tools that assist you with healing trauma, expressing yourself more authentically, and experiencing your healing journey as a collaboration with global transformations that are occurring for humanity and the natural world. You’ll deepen your insight into how holistic, integrated choices for soul, mind, heart, and body can create thriving for both you and our planet.

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Heal Earth. Let Earth Heal You.

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